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Our Seamless Approach

The number of travelers choosing vacation rentals over hotels has been growing every year and according to many reports, 2020 could be the year vacation rentals surpass hotel bookings! 

More travelers looking for vacation homes has also resulted in more vacation homes coming on the market, creating more competition and making it more important than ever to present the best possible offerings and create the type of experiences guests are looking for. Our all-encompassing seamless approach ensures that nothing falls through the cracks!


Cosmetic & Minor Repairs

We conduct a thorough inspection of each property to ensure that everything is working and note any repairs that need to be made.  Minor and cosmetic repairs are included at no charge.  If there are any major repairs needed, the cost will be discussed and approved by the homeowner in advance.

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Making Your Home Picture Perfect

We want your home to make the best possible impression online for potential guests.  After the walkthrough, we’ll make staging recommendations. Sometimes a home is nearly ready to be photographed and just needs the fireplace lit, or some fresh flowers. Setting a dining room table can help potential renters envision themselves in the space.  Other times adding additional lighting, or bringing color into the space by adding throw pillows or some art on the walls can make a huge difference. Any potential costs will be discussed and approved by the homeowner in advance. Professional HD photography and photo editing is always included at no charge to our homeowners.


Stocking With Essentials

We make sure your guests have everything they’ll need to feel comfortable during their stay, resulting in positive reviews and additional bookings. Can you imagine cooking a delicious dinner, pulling out a bottle of wine and not having anything with which to open it? Our promise to you is that we will never let that happen.  Before your very first guest arrives and after every stay, our professional housekeeping team completes an extensive checklist of kitchen essentials, clean linens, towels, paper and bathroom products, restocking anything that's needed.

Online Marketing Strategy

Global Reach + Listing Optimization  =  Additional Revenue for Our Homeowners

Now that we’ve made sure that your home is in top condition by taking care of any necessary repairs, staged it to look it’s best, taken professional photos and stocked it with the essentials for future guests, it’s time to put it all together and create the perfect listing!


We’ll create a personalized listing that’s unique to your home, showcasing its best features and making it as attractive as possible to future guests then distribute it across the vacation rental platforms discussed with the homeowners.


We review and update all of our listings regularly, never taking the set-it-and-forget-it approach, especially when seasons change to ensure that your listing’s description and photos look and sound as appealing as possible to potential guests.  For example, we don't want to have snow in photos or highlight the home's proximity to skiing in the summer.  The listing description should make your home look and sound warm and cozy in the winter and cool and breezy during the summer months.  


Homes ranked the highest online show up first in searches, resulting in additional bookings and revenue for our homeowners. We ensure that homes under our management achieve the highest possible rankings by providing exceptional guest experiences, resulting in positive reviews, utilizing technology to keep calendars up to date and in sync across all of the vacation rental sites we market your home on and maintaining a quick response time.


We make it as simple as possible for guests to book by having instant booking turned on whenever possible. This allows guests who meet everything in our digital vetting criteria to book instantly. Guest who do not automatically meet out digital vetting criteria are carefully vetted. This is usually due to lack of reviews, uploaded documents or verifications online. We respond quickly and professionally to all  inquiries and reservation requests, never missing out on a potential booking because of slow response time.  

Following this time tested strategy with each and every home under our management results in happy homeowners who get the highest possible earnings from their properties, while having peace of mind knowing that their home is well taken care of. 

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